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Just Scan and Go with this revolutionary new concept

What does a Quantum Scan Code QS do ?
It can be used in limitless applications for directing a mobile phone user to as destination of your choice. Just Scan and Go. 
Direct the person to your URL, Facebook Page, your Advert. in fact anywhere you want them to go.
Quantum Scan Codes QS can direct people to all of these places:
Your take away menu.
Your restaurant menu
Your reservations desk. 
Your on-line store.
Your Wedding photos page.
Your Event.
Public information pages.
In fact to anywhere you want them to go.
No writing down, people just scan and click with a mobile phone and they are there even if you are not.
Are you selling a car, caravan, boat, house etc. 
Put a Quantum Scan Code QS in the window and guide people to your information page.

The cost is nominal. You can have any number of large or small stickers to stick onto or inside just about anything. 
A Car Sales pitch.
A Caravan Park
A Boat Yard.
A Housing Development
Just order a roll of small stick on labels to put onto your existing menu, brochure or leaflet. No need for a re-print.


Your page is limited only by your imagination.

If you can imagine it, we can usually provide it.